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Load Testing is the most definitive method of determining load capacity of a pile. Testing a pile for failure provides valuable information to the design engineer and is recommended for load tests performed prior to the foundation design. Such testing permits the selection of both the optimum helical pile foundation and the design load.

ASTM D-1143, Standard Test Method for Piles Under Static Axial Compressive Load, latest revision, should be used. This method is applicable to all types of deep foundations that function to a manner similar to piles regardless of their method of installation. It does not specify a particular method to be used, but rather provides several optional methods.

Load test results are useful tools for the helical pile foundation designer. They confirm a theoretically designed foundation and allow for site specific correlation between capacity and installing torque.

The test pile, installation equipment and installation procedure should be identical to that intended to be used for production piles to the extent practical. The piles should be loaded to at least two times the design load, and preferably to failure.

Shore Helical can perform load tests for a variety of applications, producing detailed reports with definitive results.

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