Tank removal services

Shore Environmental, LLC is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for regulated and unregulated underground and above ground storage tank removals. Shore’s fleet of heavy machinery and trucks ensures that we have the right equipment to service any size job small or large, at any time and place. Shore’s experienced personnel have the tools and expertise to successfully and cost effectively complete the smallest of residential tanks to the largest of commercial and industrial tank removals. Shore can perform any tank removal scope while keeping you compliant with all local code and NJDEP regulations giving you peace of mind.

AST & UST tank removal activities

• Excavation activities to uncover and visually inspect a UST
• Pumping of residual product
• Tank cleaning
• Removal of the UST
• Disposal of the UST and non-hazardous residual product
• Back filling excavated area to grade with certified clean fill material

Shore will provide all company certifications and supply residual product disposal manifest, tank disposal certification and certified clean fill documentation. A report summarizing the activities conducted will also be included for your records. Shore also offers extensive and short term consulting, monitoring and reporting services, depending on your environmental needs.

Why remove your underground storage tank?

As an old saying in the tank community goes, "there are two types of tanks in this world; the tanks that leaked and the tanks that haven't leaked YET!" All steel tanks rust over time, which can lead to soil and/or groundwater contamination. The State of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection requires homeowners to take prompt action on identifying a potential release and essentially completing any remedial action.

Some signs indicating a potential leak has occurred from your tank include...

• Fuel oil odors
• Problems with your oil burner
• Water detected in your tank
• Unexplained increase in fuel oil consumption and/or delivery

How do I find an underground tank on a property?

Don't assume that because a property is currently heated by electric or natural gas that it wasn't at one time heated by oil. You can make some visual inspections on the property to try and locate an underground storage tank yourself before calling in a professional.

• Look for a fill pipe and/or a ventilation pipe around the house. Don't forget to look for the old coffee can covering the fill port to the tank.
• Look for old copper lines and/or concrete patching on walls in the basement and/or crawlspace of the house.
• Look for depressed vegetation. Small patches of depressed vegetation are sometimes indicators as to where tanks were filled and overfill occurred.
• Check the local municipality for any records or permits for the property.

Financial Aid

Did you know that the state of currently has grants available for removal of underground storage tank? The New Jersey Economic Development Authority currently reimburses up $1,200.00 for underground storage tank removals and up to $3,000.00 when completed in conjunction with above ground storage tank installation activities. You may qualify for up to 100% reimbursement for your removal and installation. Let us help.

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